by Sun Hotel

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Debut LP, also available on vinyl, CD, and on iTunes.

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Songs, recording, engineering, and album artwork by Sun Hotel


released September 24, 2010


all rights reserved



Sun Hotel New Orleans

Fuzzy hazes of drifting, ambient guitar and four-part harmonies with thundering rhythms and biting lyrics.

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Track Name: Palms
and i ask you questions
about where i'm from
but you shouldn't ever use your tongue
unless you speak with love
and now i get lazy
over my heredity
if you really wanna sing along
these are your songs
how'd ya think it all gone bad
waiting for your hair to grow back
you missed out on all the real love
and then you look so sad
blaming everything my brain lacks
you're not the cornucopia that you were
now you say your memory
just fell asleep
but you shouldn't open up your mouth
unless your words are planned out
now my biology
went and turned on me
maybe you shouldn't pray so loud
when you're talking to yourself
i named my band after your house because it felt more
like a hotel

all the heating bills came at once
and i won't sleep until i paid them off
but i am nothing still without your songs
all my dreams are still beautiful
all the music's filled with animals
so i can make it all tropical
now I can dance much faster
across the neighborhood
all tropical behavior
i shake the chains and hooks
now i can see the father
better than i ever could
you put yourself on paper
now i read you like a book
Track Name: Oikos
you were the coast
at the end of the road
where the water meets the highway
in a beach side town
in the greek word for house
if it gets any hotter then i'll stay
but this could be the change in motion
that sets that feeling right
and it don't gotta be a big production
just come step inside
i know you can

you in those clothes
that i wanna unfold
and make a mess of you until you see it our way
while we rest beneath palm trees
and give thanks for the heat
well i just never seen it any other way
but this could all be easy money
counting with both our hands
and of course i wanna shape you to me
but God keeps laughing at my plans
so i laugh back at him

is watching us
i was in love
with jerusalem
but existentialisms just more fun
Track Name: Suburb
little island in the street
you pay the rent and the heat
while i am lying through my teeth
i just sneak out after you fall asleep

it's been this way since the fall
and i don't need a crystal ball
to show you how i love you
and show you how i want to
but i've been waiting so long
to sacrifice my favorite song
and show you how i love you
and show you how i want to
as soon i get home from church
i'll laugh until the future hurts
to show you what i'm gonna do
just to get even with you
i'll never leave the suburbs
and i'll play your passion in reverse
to show you how i love

it's the biggest compliment now that you've gotten so old
it's my brand new testament that i'm gone shove down your throat
and it's one of my best friends pissed at the suburban clones
forget religion i've got a prison at home
Track Name: Egyptian Cotton
how ya supposed to get down when your gangs in jail
looking at halloween shit on people's houses
till the party goes off just like you want
how ya supposed to get down sending drugs in the mail
put your hands back in your pockets
till the party goes off just like you want

how does it stay clean
when you're working it out with your mom
how do you stay asleep
with the fire burning in the lawn
then it goes and leaves
saying that the glow is gone
that's just what they want you to think

i don't see it all gone bad
going off at the clap of my hands
i wanna talk to the one i haunt
like they were just the one i want
it's close enough to where your love grows
in my apartment where you steal my clothes
it takes forever, it just makes me laugh
we're in the future and we won't go back
Track Name: Loose Woman
i tell you one thing
you can come out tonight with my friends
but if i know anything
you gone wanna see how it ends
and every little time i treat you like a whore
i don't feel nothing cause i seen it before
you gone from man to men
now your getting ignored
i tell you one thing
if you come back tonight i'll call you mine
but if i know anything
you ain't gone be sleeping in my bed tonight
and every little time you open up the door
i know you give me all your loving but i want more
you gone from man to men now your getting ignored

go one tell me when that feeling's right
say "i don't wanna leave the swamp tonight
i feel the creaking and the shaking and the hands on my car from my God damn acoustic guitar"
go on show me how to treat you right
say "i don't like it when you fuck with my mind
you make me lazy make me crazy leave me out in the street
thank God it's so easy to get drunk for free"

and you come to me talking about the promised land
come tell me tell me something i don't understand
when it don't mean nothing to me
not one damn thing
come music music music messing with my brain
if i can not use it then no one can
when i want the whole damn thing

go on show me how to treat you right
say "i kinda liked it when you'd fuck with my mind
i see the money and the whiskey and the girls at the bar
so how am i supposed to make this look hard?"
Track Name: Rediscovery
the closest to bilingual i'll ever get
is praying on my knees and then talking shit
if some white line shows me you exist
then i'll be laughing like job and have some kids
strung out on benzodines
so we harmonize
get dressed up and get baptized
you sung so well for your first time

in arabic i hit the switch
parked next to a cop with my prescription pot
that chariot right must have been so damn hot
i hitchhiked in sandals
to the back room of a black tomb
fuck the money in my brain
i was born again in a cheaper womb
i snuck on to the ark dressed like a baby lamb
and now i'm selling bars in the promised land
and the big man upstairs ain't the only one losing his hair

the autotrain was hell
so i ate and slept got drunk at the fair
and talked to myself about some sleep techniques i heard somewhere
wide awake in the heat
no rediscovery
now God must be moving upstairs
Track Name: Seasonality
i was sleeping in my fathers house
trying hard to spit the poison out
make it move faster into the south
every single season sleeping on the couch
you cannot choose to buy your third house
each one of you has their own mouth
sick with the blues so put your lights out
every time you move applause from the crowd

even in the summer
when it's creeping in your room
i cut it from my stomach
so there's even less of you
i get everything i've wanted
in my own little tomb on a green colored island
you will see the magic soon
Track Name: You (Shake)
well of course i don't wanna leave
you with no way to pay the rent
in the bathtub when i fall asleep
of our shitty apartment
and i still see your kingdom ways
that first made me wanna be your friend
so i calm you with a simple phrase
probably something from the old testament
i wanna cut it in half
like the best king we ever had
and when i go to take a bath
wash every hair on my head
is it clean enough for you

is it clean enough
to drink from your pretty cup
go on throw it on the table at once
i wanna see the cards you were hiding from us
in the biggest swell
in the cleanest smell
i can hear the wedding bell
i wanna hear the biggest laugh
like the best high you ever had
and when i go to do the math
gone fit it all in my head
to make it clean enough for you

but you were the one who was first
who was nothing like i wanted you to be
strumming along in reverse
it was nothing like i thought it all would come to be
and encounter, how it hurt
it was everything i wanted you to be
so come live in my home where it don't snow
what more could you want when it all just comes to me
Track Name: Voodoo You
purple rain coming
swirl early evening
tornado over the swamp
hot wind blows
little house building
cool water flowing
come home
one that i want
everybody knows
where you been hiding away
in your cabin by the interstate
i went crazy over that fruit i ate
and i woke up a slave

damn magic woman
chasing you back in
your so old
but you're the one that i want
so our love grows
and i'm a man covered in magic
come back finish what you started
i gone chasing after you
but your love's gone cold
i'm gonna take your shit till i get old
how you been wasting away
it just won't happen in a southern state
i call you baby when i'm filled with hate
but my love's gonna rust anyway

where do you go girl
with your money and your pride
where does the water swirl
with your skin gone turning white
because i dress myself for you
every single time i move
the same spirit of my youth
is finally set loose
Track Name: Book God
you are not the God of books
us children don't know a thing
you are so old to me
we are not forgiven based on our looks
we control everything
we are so ugly to you