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Recorded with love at our home in New Orleans, LA after our Summer 2011 Tour. Engineered, mixed & mastered by Ross Farbe.


released October 11, 2011

Drums: Devin Hildebrand & Ross Farbe
Guitars: Tyler Scurlock & Alex Hertz
Bass: John St. Cyr
Vocals: Tyler Scurlock, Alex Hertz, Ross Farbe, & John St. Cyr
Keyboard: Ross Farbe

Released on Chinquapin Records on 12" vinyl, CD, and digital format.

© Copyright 2011 - Sun Hotel - All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Sun Hotel New Orleans

Fuzzy hazes of drifting, ambient guitar and four-part harmonies with thundering rhythms and biting lyrics.

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Track Name: Talks
what's the use in not making sense

I could bring you compliments

you fell in love with making it work

but never asked where the feelings were

how could something that means much less

bring you so much confidence

all the dreams that i want to stay

fill me with goals that i can't relate

and all that cold from my frozen hate

just to bring it back to me

then my lips got dry

there's no more shaking in my head

when i think that life

is just a strange repeat of some feelings

and i wanna die

when i cannot control

all my stupid thoughts say i'm

wrong about a lot of things now

all the traits you got from your mom

they don't come out till your all alone

talking to a cigarette

always so anxious to be having sex

and i thought that your waist could seem

right from the side of me

of course you know i'm

wrong about a lot of things now

wrong about a lot of things now that you're eternally quiet

all seems to move so much faster now

to concentrate on calming down

i sowed a record to my father's house

now can't decide what to write about

what's the use in getting upset

i ain't seen any problems yet

big enough to be moving out

we relate to the common house

let's celebrate all my frozen doubts

if i mean it
Track Name: Got Along
how could you know

maybe i should move
maybe in with you
i been checking prices for a bus
though i told you once
you don't have my love
i was young enough to not give a fuck

how could you know
when you're living alone
buried in snow
how could you know
six years ago

there's no joy
in my throat
when i sing too low
when i'm bored
my love grows

but when we sat on the porch i was scared
i thought real love was too much
for my minimal hands
i thought of calling you upstairs
but you slept in my sister's room
and went back to manhattan

now all i wanna do is make plans
and touch you with my minimal hands
i feel lazy with my song writing
so i turn to good vibrations

in the summer we should try again
and the reasons will be different
never to rely on common sense
would be perfect
Track Name: Alchemy
often times i can not stay asleep
if you don't keep the cold off of me
all my life i was sure that you would leave
if you don't take all my energy

all the while you went on tour in the 70's
your older bro was in the house smoking weed
and when your dad was on the phone with the police
he told your mom that you should all be scared of me

i come undone
at the thought of waking up
without anyone

often times i can not think of anything
when you wear the clothes
but you don't know what they mean
all your life you've been shown everything
you were turning shit into gold

you want a future filled with kids
and old and rusted promises
you'd rather shed off all your gifts
than be the one who is patient
you got a closet filled with skins
and old and rusted skeletons
you take insignificance
and cut it out until it's perfect

i was the first to open my eyelids
you rehearse complaining to Jesus
all of the time you thought you were working

if you want to i could keep you up all hours
talking 'bout who
should be filled with love
and flowers
i got confused
i thought it was all for mother
though they haunt you
i won't be your slave no longer
i gotten used to
feelings that don't change when you're older
i just sat through another boring day in the future
in the living room
the only way to sleep hungover
i thought you knew
all the simple ways that matter
you say you could use
another couple weeks to think it over
i get confused
i thought you would change
much sooner
Track Name: Ease
you wanna try new clothes

to offset my fading mind

all of uses

we found for music

i thought i'd overflow

now all of the changing tones

but i think that you sound fine

stay on the surface

save it for christmas

i wanna let it go

you're so pissed when the days move slow

oh yes of course it's

very important

you took the power

off of my hands

just an extension

too sick to sleep in

you make it easy

to live without plans

i thought that you would know

soon as i had out grown

you can clap for your second home

all on your own

not that you'd ever notice

not that you'd ever have kids

and it's not when you take my autograph

and you spin and coat it that

oh i miss this

all my feelings

that i wanted

to just keep in

i'm reminded

of your calmness

fuck the future

where's the light end?

now i'm so afraid

when i travel

i leave you too much

time to unravel

there were thoughts

when we were young

but we don't talk anymore

you thought of God

when you were stoned

and now he's not anymore
Track Name: House Pride
I woke up still drunk on a screened in back porch

where i thought of how much i hate thinking about divorce

lost in conversation

whatever feels like you again

then twelve beers later i thought he was gonna cry

said "where did all that beauty go while i was doing time?"

beauty comes to those who sit

beauty left while i was sleeping in

we read the future out the palm of your hand

you were turned from a monument to a backwoods man

and all of the compliments you don't understand

left us drunk in a soccer field at 4 a.m.

and i wonder if i look like him

i woke up still young to a new record label

and i thought what i'd done just to make it all tamable

in all those compliments i don't understand

that left me in a soccer field at your command

till two drinks later

i left like a father

just to act like nothing happens

but it does

and even in the winter

with my eye on the calendar

i wonder if i look like him

i woke up still strung out from the night before

so i watched what i sung for the rest of that tour

now we're afraid of what exists

we used to belong to churches

there's no use in hiding the fact sometimes i get bored

when i hate thinking how much i hate thinking of how i'm yours

i have not come back down since