Rational Expectations

by Sun Hotel

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Community Records CR-050 / Recorded & Mixed by Chris George & Ross Farbe at the Living Room Studio in New Orleans, LA / Mastered by Carl Saff of Saffmastering in Chicago, IL / Artwork by Alex Hertz & Tyler Scurlock




released February 3, 2015

Sun Hotel is Alex Hertz, John St. Cyr, Ross Farbe, & Tyler Scurlock


all rights reserved



Sun Hotel New Orleans

Fuzzy hazes of drifting, ambient guitar and four-part harmonies with thundering rhythms and biting lyrics. sunhotelsounds.com

records available at gumroad.com/sunhotel

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Track Name: All I Wanna Finish is My Beer
morning in your bathrobe
you unwind
i write but you don't know
what it feels like
sleeping in the same close
you remind
i can feel your heart grow
inside mine
through pallid eyes that won't show
i am fine
manic night on the phone
to ask me why
i don't understand those
through the cracks in my mind
i panic because my heart won't realize
that part of me is alone without trying
who cares what all your
plans were made for
stay my only love
i was only one year old
passive loss of control
you unwind
you cry but i don't know
what it feels like
to be bored again cancel
every time
your raw emotions channeled
through the cracks in my mind
i panic because my heart won't realize
that part of me is alone without trying
who cares what all your
plans were made for
stay my only love
i was only one
year old
when i posed this way
i'm surprised you stay
it's okay
to be bored with us
i always was
depending on your age
Track Name: She's Gonna Take a Picture Too
Laura's piece of art
comes from reading Baudrillard
tasteless pink collage
just dissolves
on her wall
vacant waste of life
morning pills won't do
meaningless invites
that fail the more i want to
notice your alive
fleeting peace of mind
i love when you see through
my beta-perfect life
that fails the more i want to
notice you're alive
do you share your thoughts online
to compare our lives
to a piece of light
that feels like
how you tear apart my mind
that i regret crying over
panicking last night
always feels like
though your camera can't see
hands like they're supposed to be
you wrapped thoughts around my lens
though you kept recording
thoughts that could capture me
i live on after i'm dead
your existence
is all in my head
it's important
if our lives
always feels like
there's no heaven above
it's through your front door
my love's basic enough
Track Name: 11:57 am
i know that she wants me
but feels different
about a lot of things
but so do your friends
it's not up to you
i know its not your fault
but sometimes i cant
help but blame myself
i'm afraid you feel guilty
or something like that
you say i don't deserve this
but is that just a trick
to get me to leave
i'm trying
to see everything
from your perspective
but she's already done
something about it

competing again
comparing your horoscope
to patterns that aren't so
already known
looking deeper in
to movies i borrow
can we do this tomorrow
when we get home

so maybe we're not
a part of the problem
suspended in thought
do I block your progress
for physical love
or is this enough
Track Name: After Peggy Tells Her Parents They Never Had Any Trouble in Their Relationship
barely physical
i don't wanna that
i won't be consoled
following the morning stoned
if the palms lines won't be
in control
they fit more like jewelry
marry me or don't
i want what they both have
you don't even know
craziest ideas at home
that is months away
i can't let it go
and the more i think
i barely care at all
are you mine
or just close
so far i might not know
if i could touch you online
i know you'll be here tomorrow
but i think we should talk about it now
on the porch at your Connecticut summer house
all the while i know i'm missing out
on the physical

honest people
never deal with it
i'm fine
i'll live without it
our head divided
all that it takes
is a week break

when you went to texas
you were such a different man
following your hearts been
fun for the weekend
does that make me worthless
and even if i am
part of me is honest
more than i can stand
following your promise
Track Name: Bouquet
now that you're gone
i feel your pain
left your power
i can't complain
i'm shattered inside
still after
i'm told i'm fine
i'm shattered
no maker
could ever
but i have
my hands on
and still can't complain
days were
a coup de' main
still faster
than mine
i got your letter
inside my mind

disillusioned by advances
you reduce my moral life
and confuse the love of god with mine
you can base your luck on magic
offer to the lord of flies
you can keep my love in plastic ties
hated you and felt abandoned
makes no difference
waste more time
you can blame your ways inherent
and push the blameful thoughts aside
you can keep my love in plastic

now that you're gone
i barely know
there's no more
Track Name: Tropic of Cancer (made me drop out of college and start working at this bookstore)
five in the morning
sober up
let's go for a walk
my eyes are pouring
that's not your job
to cheer me up
you're failing your courses
failing your old testament class
she's hearing voices
just like your mom
you've had enough
of feeling important
of feeling like you don't matter
it's so much better
to hate yourself
than to love somebody else for no reason

plenty of choices
kenny is everything that i'm not
we're talking more since
i've changed a lot
but i still smoke pot
at five in the morning
feeling like i don't matter
it's so much easier
to love yourself
than to hate
somebody else for no reason

and now it offends you
when nobodies there
that it's possibly your fault
how to convince you that nobody cares
half as much as you thought
half as much as you want
you're only here because someone else
thought you'd find yourself
trapped in your bookshelf
body else for no reason
Track Name: After-Death
all my favorite gods are dead
but still i can sleep with you in my head
who'd you thinks watching the young ones now
it's not the president
had to be high just to notice how
it's a compliment
to buy patience
take your meds
i hope it's alright if
after-death there's nothing
Track Name: Grave
i let love in
to late to ask for more
i want nothing
for now
i believe in
so many things
i see the future and relax somehow
you refuse to make believe
that you will ever calm down

but then days started creeping
see them follow me along
over the strangest of weekends
see the confidence you brought
although it's only you sleeping
or if we wrestle in your cars
there were days with the christians
that got tangled in our hearts

hid from the terrific
you're an experiment
built with the confidence
to waste my time
you oughtta float within
but you're an experiment
as soon as i made offense
you came to life
you're goals and colors
all unwind
so no one's bothered
all the time
or as far as you can tell

there's still room to grow
i understand when you let go of my hand
you still seem to know
all of my plans
so i let go of your hand
Track Name: Without Feathers
what gave it away
when you realized the devil
was only in your brain
a demonic exchange
you can have on your own time
i am fine
with the pressure
to be more like the animals
i learned more from the back of a post card
in a vine
in a dive
without feathers
when i get to my funeral
i won't need my musical outline
they'll throw me away
impossible colors
i sleep through my own wake
and pull if my heart breaks
if humans can make
a feeling that stays
i think with my hands now
and pull and push thoughts out
if feelings were faked
don't push me away
appearances planned out
disappear against my doubts
in circular ways
in you're shaking hands i hold
paradise complains
to babylon the mother
i adore your chains
we untie each other
Track Name: Alprazolam
i'm not proud
you're mine
wasted lover
on the couch i'm dying
you won another
but swore i was
getting more from this fight
what is it this time
please sit down
don't cry
don't be your mother
i'm so scared
i'll love your love
because i'm a lazy lover

you aren't my friend
you wallow in doors for
hours on the phone
basically alone
you won't pretend
you're in love
you're so sure
hours on the phone
basically alone
you aren't in control
of your feelings